Who We Are

At DT’s Speed Shop Bringing classics back to like-new condition is more than just a service we offer; it’s our purpose and our passion. For years, Dan Barker has been recognized as one of the finest automotive restoration craftsmen in the region. People from across the nation have turned to Dan to bring the treasures they cherish back to like-new condition, breathing life back into automotive classics of all kinds.

We specialize in the most valued and rare models that can be found, giving new life to them so their owners can enjoy the pleasure of owning and driving a unique automotive classic on a regular basis. Our classics aren’t restored to just sit in a climate-controlled showroom for people to admire, they are rebuilt to survive the wear and tear of being a daily driver if our customers wish. They are rebuilt to be admired as they roll down the road, attracting attention and instilling excitement wherever they travel.

Check out our classics gallery to see a wide range of beautiful models we have brought back to life, and feel free to follow along as we showcase our current restoration projects, illustrating the challenging and creative solutions Dan puts together, to bring those classics back to like-new condition.

Dan Barker:

From the time Dan was fifteen, he has been rebuilding and restoring vehicles of all kinds. From classic pickups to dune buggies and treasured collectibles. Dan’s craftsmanship has been his mark of excellence in every classic restoration he has completed. For the past seven years, classic restoration has been Dans’ sole focus and passion.

Terry Gurnaud:

After a successful career in property and landscape management, Terry turned to his lifelong love of classic cars for his next act. Working in collaboration with Dan in finding and restoring these classic treasures, Terry devotes his energy to keeping things moving and addressing customer interests.