Our Services

At DT’s Speed Shop we excel at bringing the car of your dreams, back to like-new. We will help you locate, evaluate, and complete, the restoration of your dreams. And put you on the road to enjoy the experience of driving a truly unique classic restoration.


STEP 1: Car Search

if you have a specific dream car you have always wanted to make your own, we can help. We have contacts across the country we can draw on, to locate your dream model, and get it into our hands for your restoration.

STEP 2: Car Evaluation

Not all potential candidates for restoration are ideally suited for bringing back to like-new condition. Some classics are just too far gone to rebuild cost-effectively. If you have located a potential restoration, we can help you evaluate it and determine what it would take to put it back on the road again.

STEP 3: Restoration Planning

Completing a custom restoration depends on sourcing the right parts and components and getting them delivered at the right time. Additionally, such acquisitions are always cash deals. We can help you plan and budget for your restoration to keep things moving at a predictable pace. We help stage your restoration to fit your timeline and budget realities.

STEP 4: Restoration Completion

At the end of the day, putting it all together to complete your restoration is what were all about. We manage the entire process, from initial tear down and refinishing, to outsourcing specialty work, such as interior and engine work to competent machining and refinishing shops. We plan and execute the entire rebuild, to deliver a road-worthy classic that will turn heads everywhere you go.